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Urgent cleaning & emptying of Sludge Buffer Tank

Urgent cleaning & emptying of a Sludge Buffer Tank (SBT) enabling essential maintenance

Project Description

In April 2023, Future Industrial Services (FIS), part of the Augean Group, received an urgent request from a Client Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre to clean their Anaerobic Digestion Tank and remove approximately 80 tonnes of waste. The customer had found a disposal route for the waste but was struggling to remove it efficiently from the tank.

FIS worked with its partner company to source appropriate
EX-rated equipment (used in explosive atmospheres) and
resources to vent the tanks, ensuring they were gas-free.
Developing a non-man entry system to jet the material from above enabled us to use the Disabs to safely remove the majority of the waste streams. Once the team gained a visual line of sight, it was discovered that the quantities of waste were much larger than initially forecast. As a result, FIS’ on-site team created a bunded area to transfer the waste material into bulkers.

Utilising this system we were able to work 24/7 and handle
the large quantities of waste. Once the bulk of materials was
cleared, we entered the tank and did a full man entry tank clean under breathing apparatus to complete the works, using the jetting streams for efficiency, and returning the tank back to the customer for minimal disruption.

Due to the challenging nature of this job, the increase in
tonnage and the need to respond, we used the wider group network to source the best possible resources to support the works. Resources and expertise were sourced from FIS’ Midlands, Hull, Liverpool, and Paisley Industrial Services teams.

Project Overview

Project Name: AD Tank Clean

Volume: 839 tonnes

Project Scope: Tank Clean and Disposal

Project Highlights:

  • More than 800 tonnes of waste removed;
    increased tonnage from 80 to 839 tonnes
  • Innovation
  • Cross functional
Cleaning and emptying of the Sludge Buffer Tank (SBT) at our facility was supported by Future Industrial Services (FIS) to enable essential maintenance to be carried out to the SBT lid. We contacted FIS as we have a strong and reliable relationship with them and knew we could rely on them to resolve the issue quickly and with minimal disruption to our overall operation.
Once the scope of work was evaluated, the tank was placed into a position where its hatches could be safely opened, and material could be removed with assistance from jetting equipment and a DISAB vacuum unit. FIS worked tirelessly, under the supervision of Jamie Roberts, for three weeks across day and night shifts until the material was safely removed from the tank.
We hugely appreciate FIS and Jamie Roberts for their rapid response and dedication to resolving the issue efficiently and, most importantly, safely.
Client Site Manager


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