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Renewable Energy Residues

Augean is leading the way through compliance driven services and facilities for the UK’s Renewable Energy Sector. We specialise in treating and handling different types of energy plant residues and are equipped with the necessary permits to deal with bottom ash, boiler ash, fly ash, and air pollution control residues (APCr).

Our long-term focus is to maximise the recovery and re-use opportunities from renewable energy waste streams.

Our advanced treatment facilities at East Northants Resource Management Facility (ENRMF) and Port Clarence, allow us to cover the breadth of the UK and have APCr treatment capacity of 300,000 tonnes per annum

At both ENRMF and Port Clarence we stabilise air pollution control residues with a range of other materials to achieve compliant disposal.

We have three treatment systems at ENRMF and three systems at Port Clarence. All systems have associated silos and bag handling systems and are supported by materials handling equipment.

They are sited on permitted treatment centres which in turn are based on landfill sites with high volume capacities and permits for hazardous and non-hazardous disposal. We dispose of the stabilised material in our own landfill facilities.

In recent years the number of operational EfWs in the UK has risen.

Key Metrics for 2022

0 %
Residual Waste Processed
Fully Operational UK EFWs
0 Mt
of waste was combusted in UK EfWs

As at April 2023, 35 fully operational EfWs with a total headline capacity of c. 13.5Mtpa were accredited as R1 operations.
It is estimated that, based on the level of inputs in 2022 of 88%, by 2027 the UK Operational Capacity will be 20.7Mtpa.

Augean processes a number of different materials at each site. There is a significant surplus processing capacity at all times. This guarantees a resilient service to our Air Pollution Control residue customers who need the certainty of treatment and disposal so that their own operations are not disrupted. This is particularly important for municipal Energy from Waste plants and biomass power plants that operate continuously.

With primary and back up treatment and disposal facilities, Augean will always have the capability to handle Air Pollution Control residues.

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