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Duty of Care


Waste is an unfortunate by-product in today’s industrialised world and the management and disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste is a highly regulated industry.

On receipt of a customer enquiry our team of technical sales advisors work in partnership with you to ensure that the information provided for the assessment is correct and that the assessment to determine acceptability is robust.

Our laboratory is often used by waste producers to reduce the waiting time for the required information, which in turn allows for more efficient processing of the request, since our technical sales advisors can handle the entire process for you.

Our facilities operate under strict EPR permits and waste management licences.  They follow strict input and process control procedures to ensure that each waste received is handled in the safest manner and tracked through the facilities, which provides detailed technical data throughout the process.

The regulations for this complex industry can be time-consuming to keep up with and understand. The following points help comply with obligations under Duty of Care legislation:

Define your waste to identify whether your waste stream is hazardous or non-hazardous

Our Technical Sales Advisors are highly trained in waste analysis and can advise you whether your waste is hazardous or not and assist in identifying the correct EWC code for your waste stream.

A consignment note must be completed to accompany every load of hazardous waste when it is removed from your premises or a Waste Transfer Note for non-hazardous waste.

If transporting waste yourself, the waste should be in suitable and secure containers and vehicles and you should cover or net loose materials to prevent them being blown out of the vehicle.

If you are using a third party to transport your waste, you must ensure that they are a registered or exempt waste carrier.

Our team will identify the best practicable environmental option for your waste stream and will ensure the site receiving the waste is licenced to do so under a Waste Management Licence or Environmental Permit.

All our waste treatment and disposal permits can be viewed and downloaded in our Info Centre.

Waste hierarchy

The government’s waste strategy introduces the waste hierarchy as a principle structure to managing waste.

At the top of the hierarchy is the most favoured option of prevention following down the hierarchy to the least favoured option of disposal.

Whilst the hierarchy has no legal status responsible organisations are using it to underpin their commitment to more environmentally focused objectives.

Augean has adopted the hierarchy in its strategy and will attempt to balance the hierarchy objectives with the practical and commercial environment it services.



Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an integral part of how Augean conducts business. The creation and maintenance of positive relationships with all our stakeholders and a respect for the environment are the foundations on which the Company is based.



Safety is consistently at the forefront of how we operate our business by eliminating hazards and minimising risks.

Our fully integrated management system includes accreditation to ISO 45001 (Occupational health and safety management systems) standard.


Our eco-friendly solutions aid in reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact for ourselves and our clients.

Our certification to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) demonstrates our commitment to achieving compliance
with regulators and government.


The purpose of monitoring is to confirm that the site is behaving in the manner predicted in the risk assessments, and that there is no unacceptable environmental impact. The monitoring is designed to identify any adverse trends at an early stage so that remedial action can be taken before problems arise.


Augean is committed to delivering excellence in client service. To ensure we sustain this standard, all facets of the business, including sales, customer services and customer-facing operational departments, operate to ISO 9001 (Quality Management). 

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