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Our focus on social starts with our employees. Our success is dependent on our people working effectively together with common objectives and common values.

We commit to advancing a collaborative, inclusive and diverse culture that creates careers in waste management.

We are committed to providing a safe and respectful working environment for all, on-site and within the community, supported by appropriate safety procedures, policies and resources. We strive to support, diversify, and empower our workforce.

We are committed to respecting and protecting the rights of every single member of our workforce (employees and contractors); we expect and support our suppliers to do the same.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are foundational values and key drivers of business outcomes. We are committed to the necessary and challenging work of building an environment in which each teammate has a voice and feels inspired to achieve their full potential.

Our professional development programs provide education and training opportunities for current and future employees. We want our people to think about working at Augean as a lifetime endeavour — full of opportunities to achieve their personal and professional goals. We understand that by supporting our team today, we build a successful tomorrow.

Our 2022 Social Achievements At A Glance

We know that operating to keep ourselves and our teammates safe in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. Safety is central to everything we do for ourselves, those we care about and our communities.

Augean is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of its employees and pledges to provide initial and ongoing support and help for employees going through mental health concerns. Addressing workplace health and wellbeing can help strengthen the positive protective factors of employment, reduce risk factors for adverse mental health and improve general health. This will have a positive impact on workplace morale.

We provide all our workforce with a comprehensive and independent occupational health surveillance and management programme. This is to ensure that any occupational health issues are determined as quickly as possible to prevent any longer term health issues for our personnel.

We continue to raise standards in our approach to health and safety management which is demonstrated by our ISO 45001 certification. Key safety issues on the ground continue to be tackled through the delivery of monthly safety campaigns. This approach has been successful both in improving our safety awareness but also engaging the workforce in this culture change.

Making a positive difference in the community

We consider ourselves to be part of any community in which we operate. We strive in all our operations to provide a positive contribution to the community and to be a good neighbour.

Investing in our communities in which we operate is important to us. By using our skills, time, money and expertise we provide support to our neighbours. Each year, our employees demonstrate their commitment to building a better community by participating in Augean’s “A day a year to volunteer” to help with community projects.

Active community liaison continues across our sites and provides an important platform for community involvement and good communication about our business including future plans and funding opportunities.

We continue to host visits from education facilities for students to gain an understanding of the engineering and operational controls associated with waste management.

We maintain an open door policy at all of our sites so that members of the public can see how the site is operated and monitored.


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