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Management Waste Reporting

Augean has partnered with Rio ESG to provide secure, accessible and relevant management information on the services Augean provides to its customers. Rio is a sustainability software platform, developed to drive performance improvement and deliver sustainability.

In a digital world, customers want to know what we do with their waste, in terms of the weight of the waste, how long the vehicle was on our site when delivering the waste and compliance documentation, and, more importantly, in terms of other metrics such as the environmental and the carbon footprint of Augean managing their waste. Customers’ expectations in terms of sustainability and cardon minimisation are increasing as customers, as well as other stakeholders such as investors, are demanding to understand how their supply chains and businesses are driving the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda.

Rio also offers a centralised management system to ensure that its users have all the key information, training and analytical tools to help them better understand and control their sustainability status.


Rio provides a suite of accredited cloud-based learning tools to support staff and provide knowledge covering a broad spectrum of sustainability subjects including waste, circular economy and environmental law. There are also specific training modules specific to combustion processes.

Through the governance and legal register organisations can demonstrate that they have all the necessary information to demonstrate their compliance position. Document control systems ensure users have all the necessary documentation at hand to demonstrate their ‘duty of care’ including waste carrier licenses, permits and consents. All transaction waste data is recorded identifying the point of collection, carrier, treatment facility and treatment process. All waste transfer and consignment notes are recorded and readily accessible for each transaction.

Waste data performance including waste hierarchy performance and carbon reporting is available via a suite of interactive dashboards and analysis tools. Via the dashboards users have the ability to analyse their data, allowing them to identify trends, or drill into their information allowing data to be analysed by business units, metrics or geography.

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