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Nuclear & Radioactive

In order to ensure a sustainable future for the UK, it is crucial to have a balanced energy mix that includes nuclear power.

However, with the production of nuclear power comes the responsibility of safely and efficiently disposing of any generated radioactive waste, both current and future. This is where Augean comes in.

At 1 April 2022, the total volume of radioactive waste in stock and estimated to arise in future from all sources is 4,450,000m3 . The total reported volume of waste is 137,000m3and over 94% of the total waste volume is of low activity (LLW and VLLW).

Augean has been a key player in the development of waste treatment and disposal routes for the nuclear power and decommissioning sectors in the UK since its involvement with the National Policy & Strategy in 2007 and 2009.

Augean provides waste treatment and disposal services for both generating nuclear power stations and those which are in the process of being decommissioned.

We recognise the importance of managing the legacy of radioactive waste generated during the UK’s nuclear research history, and work closely with facilities such as Sellafield, Harwell, Winfrith, the wider Magnox fleet of power stations, and Dounreay.

It is important to note that while most media and public attention is focused on high-level radioactive material, the majority of nuclear waste, known as low-level waste (LLW), has only a small amount of radioactivity and is of low risk.

We specialise in this type of waste and offer a choice of treatment and disposal options.

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