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Our Community

Augean has always made a conscious effort to be an active and supportive part of the local communities near to our operational sites.

We believe it is vital that we fulfil our professional obligations in a way that has minimal effect on local communities or the environment in which they live.

Augean has sought to engage with local communities from the start.

Through newsletters, regular residents/liaison group meetings, and hosting open days and site visits, we aim to raise awareness of site operations and the waste industry in an open and transparent manner.


Our relationship with our communities is realised in a variety of ways:

  • Community funds  
  • Community initiatives  
  • Supporting local business 
  • Creating local jobs 
  • Liaison groups 
  • Open days 
  • Open door policy 
  • Newsletters and emails 
  • Register of stakeholders 
  • Presentations, educational and special interest group visits 
  • Publication of monitoring data 
  • Consultation on planning and permitting 

We aim to provide a positive contribution to local life, be part of the community and to be a good neighbour.

Open Days

We hold annual open days at our  waste treatment, recovery and disposal sites. These give anyone interested in attending, the opportunity to tour the site, as well as an opportunity to speak to site staff, Directors or other senior members of our team or our consultants. The availability of the opportunity to see and experience the sites and their operations are reassuring and important to the confidence of the local community.

Open door policy

We have an open-door policy at all our sites throughout the UK. Our friendly and welcoming site managers are happy to speak to you about the site and take you on a site tour by arrangement directly with them. Please use the relevant site contact details.

Newsletters and emails

Our site newsletters are intended to provide the local community with news about the site and the company as a whole along with other articles that may be of interest about the waste sector. Where there are planning or permitting applications running the newsletter provides updates on these. Editions of the newsletters are published on this website and can be sent to you by email on request.

An electronic newsletter by email is available to anyone who has signed up to our Register of Stakeholders. This is used to make public announcements and give information about events or opportunities of interest quickly.


Augean works with schools, colleges and universities where presentations about waste management activities have been given, competitions organised, placements and field trips carried out and assistance with careers fairs has been provided. We are keen to explain to young people what an exciting arena the waste sector is to work in and what great opportunities it provides for chemists, engineers and other career opportunities. We also host visits from special interest groups or clubs for example those interested in ecology who want to see the flora and fauna on some of our sites. We have encouraged residents to attend site engineering days to see the cell containment construction works taking place. If you are interested in a visit or presentation please Contact Us.

Site monitoring data

In response to requests from the local community, we publicly share monitoring results from the ENRMF site to reassure the community that human health and the environment are not being harmed by the presence of the site.

This information is updated on a regular basis.

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