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Augean Community Fund

Through the Augean Community Fund, by using the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme, we have been able to significantly contribute to many initiatives that are important to the local community.

Since 2004, we have been able to make significant grants towards a diverse range of projects which enhance life in the local area, as the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme allows Augean to give a proportion of its landfill tax obligation to local communities.

Grants of up to £50,000 are available for projects within a ten mile radius of a landfill site provided they meet specific criteria.

Examples of the types of projects that can be supported are set out below:

  • Village halls
  • Nature reserves
  • Village greens
  • Community centres and spaces
  • Public playgrounds
  • Cycle paths
  • Sports fields and facilities
  • Church and historic building restoration or repair
  • Country parks

For our southern sites, the application process for grants is managed by GrantScape who provide expert and friendly guidance to groups applying for funding.

Qualifying projects are decided by community volunteers on the Kings Cliffe Environmental Association (KCEA) and the Thornhaugh Environmental Association (TEA). 

They recommend grant awards to community groups wishing to make environmental improvements to public amenities, biodiversity and conservation or heritage projects. Projects within a ten-mile radius of our two landfill sites may apply for grants that meet the requirements for eligibility.

If you have a community project please contact Grantscape to see if it could qualify for support from the Augean Community Fund:

Karen Roberts
Office E, Whitsundoles
Broughton Road
Milton Keynes
MK17 8BU

Tel: 01908 247637


Augean Revenue and Small Capital Grants Fund

As part of the planning consent to accept Low Level Waste at ENRMF, a separate fund was established to benefit local projects and community groups. Recently renamed as the Augean Revenue and Small Capital Grants Fund it has been administered by North Northamptonshire Council since March 2022. 

Grants are available up to £5,000 for capital costs and, unlike the Augean Community Fund, applications can also be made to cover running costs up to £10,000.

Those within a 10-mile radius of the ENRMF site are eligible to apply, but if interest in funding is high a preference will be given to applications from within a 5-mile radius.

There are two rounds of funding each year.  To find out more or to apply please visit:

Teesside Environmental Trust

Teesside Environmental Trust (TET) manages the landfill community fund for our northern sites.

The Saltholme International Nature Reserve project has been supported by TET. The project has transformed a 1,000 acre area of industrial wasteland into a wild flower meadow that supports a wide variety of bird species. Over nearly two decades, since Augean’s acquisition of Port Clarence Landfill Site in 2004, the company has contributed about £3.5m to the trust in landfill tax credits. By legal agreement contributions to TET must continue to a total value of £7.5M.


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