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Sellafield Bulk Combustibles

Augean Collaborates With Veolia For A Flexible Approach To Dealing With Sellafield’s Combustible Waste

Project Description

Since 2021, Augean has collaborated with Veolia to service Sellafield Ltd for the thermal treatment of their loose bulk combustible waste. Sellafield generates large volumes of combustible waste packaged into Half-Height ISO (HHISO) containers, which need to be consigned off site quickly due to limited space.

Augean size reduces and repackages the waste at the Waste Recovery Park before onward consignment to Veolia’s High Temperature Incinerator (HTI) at Ellesmere Port. Augean and Veolia have flexed the service in line with Sellafield’s requirements, receiving high numbers of consignments with no interruptions to the service and handling alternative packaging and delivery methods.

Over 100 HHISO containers of low-level contaminated radioactive waste are processed each year, as well as Roll On Roll Off skips and Full-Height ISO containers. In line with the Waste Hierarchy and Best Available Techniques, Augean supported the client by offering cable stripping, which enables valuable copper to be recycled, and disposal of any non-incinerable components in the waste.

A Half-Height ISO container being offloaded from transit

Project Overview

Client: VEOLIA ES UK Limited

Project Name: Sellafield Bulk Combustibles via Nuclear Waste Services Treatment & Conditioning Framework Contract

Volume: 800 m³ average per year

Project Scope: Sort and segregation, recycling and disposal (via High Temperature Incineration)

Project Highlights:

  • Successful collaboration between Nuclear Waste Services, Sellafield, Augean and Veolia
  • Ability to flex the service, allowing Sellafield’s operations to continue to run efficiently
  • Innovative approach to different waste streams, such as cables
  • Diversion from disposal at the Low Level Waste Repository
Augean is a trusted and reliable sub-contractor to Veolia on the Sellafield Bulk Waste contract. They consistently provide high levels of service and are always looking for ways to improve in terms of efficiency, safety and environmental performance.
Business Development Lead - Radioactive Waste, Veolia ES UK Limited


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