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Magnox Pipe Decontamination

Augean Decontaminated 8km Of Cast Iron Pipe From A Nuclear Research Site, Achieving A 99.1% Recycling Rate

Project Description

In early 2023, Augean completed a successful metallic
waste treatment project for Nuclear Waste Services and
Magnox Ltd. Magnox had large volumes of pipework in
interim storage on their Harwell site. The pipework, used for discharge of aqueous waste, had been excavated
as part of the nuclear research site’s decommissioning.

Magnox required a collaborative and flexible approach that was cost-effective and maximised the recovery of recyclable metal.

From 2021 to 2023, a total of 1601 pipe sections were
transported from Oxfordshire to Augean’s treatment site
using a bespoke solution developed in collaboration with
TAM International to meet Magnox’s requirements.

These pipe sections were decontaminated to Out of
Scope levels by Augean’s experienced operational team,
using Ultra-High Pressure jet washing, and the cast iron
was recycled. All secondary waste was disposed in line
with the Waste Hierarchy and Best Available Techniques.

A recycling rate of 99.1% was achieved and Augean
delivered the project safely and compliantly.

Project Overview

Client: Nuclear Waste Services & Magnox Ltd.

Project Name: Metallic Waste Treatment of Magnox Harwell’s Offsite Discharge Pipeline

Volume: 1680 tonnes over 137 consignments

Project Scope: Transport, decontamination, metal recycling and secondary waste management

Project Highlights:

  • Successful collaborative working between Augean, Nuclear Waste Services, Magnox and TAM International
  • Flexibility in consignments to assist Magnox in their operations
  • Safe, compliant and efficient transport and  decontamination methods
  • Diversion from disposal at the Low Level Waste Repository
Under the NWS framework Augean provided a bespoke service to achieve a recycling rate of over 99% of metallic Offsite Discharge Pipework from the Harwell Site, through an approach already established in the oil and gas industry. By transferring the technology to the nuclear decommissioning sector, this reduced volumes of radioactive waste which would have otherwise been destined for landfill, and established new waste routes for similar future projects in the nuclear industry.
Head of Waste, Magnox Ltd


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