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Strategic Infrastructure Project

Augean moves over 50,000m³ of material in less than 5 months to support strategic infrastructure project

Project Description

Northumberland Energy Park (NEP) is one of the UK’s leading deep-water offshore energy bases. Advance Northumberland, owned by Northumberland County Council, with partners, is developing a new dock with
associated built development at NEP and needed to move over 50,000m³ (equating to around 100,000 tonnes) of materials, comprising mudstones and clays, off-site within a short timeframe in order to meet their development timetable.

The Solution

Augean’s solution was to use its Port Clarence treatment and disposal site, which had storage space available and needed site engineering materials over the medium term. With an operational can-do attitude, Augean was able to accept over 50,000m³ of material (equating to around 100,000 tonnes) over a 5-month period in 2022.

A rigorous sampling and testing regime confirmed the materials met the specification. As a result, the client was able to meet its development timetable for this strategic project.

Northumberland Energy Park

Project Overview

Client: Advanced Northumberland

Project Name: Materials Movement in Readiness for Development at Northumberland Energy Park

Volume: 50,000m³ (equating to around 100,000 tonnes) over 5 months

Project Scope: Reception, Storage and Reuse of Materials

Project Highlights:

  • Ability to accept large amounts of mudstones and clays within a short timeframe
  • Ensuring all materials accepted met the specification through a rigorous sampling and testing regime
  • Project completed ahead of schedule to allow stakeholders to keep to their development timetable
The high specification materials from the Northumberland Engineering Park will be used at Augean’s Port Clarence site for engineering purposes. Under Terry Blanchard’s site management, Augean received a significant quantity of high specification engineering materials in less than 5 months. Augean is very pleased to have supported Advance Northumberland with this strategic infrastructure project.
Richard Brooke
Augean’s Commercial Director
Augean has been a fantastic partner, receiving over 100,000 tonnes of high specification engineering materials, paving the way for the construction of a cable factory and operational dock. This was a significant exercise, and the transfer was completed ahead of programme thanks to Augean’s excellent transport links and onsite logistical support.
Andrew Lovatt
Director of Developments at Advance Northumberland


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