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Rio ESG Reporting for Customers

Augean collaborates with Rio ESG Reporting for Customers

Project Scope

In line with Augean’s aim to continuously improve, Augean
partnered with Rio to improve its management information
reporting to its customers.

Rio is a secure, web-based portal,
providing Duty of Care information to its customers, and
also Key Performance Indicators on metrics including the
carbon benefits of Augean’s services.

Rio delivers data analysis and tools to meet Environmental,
Social and Governance (ESG) criteria and carbon reporting
requirements and assists with the compliance of relevant
legislation. The Rio platform supports Augean’s ESG strategy
and provides its customers with a range of information
including Duty of Care and carbon-impact reporting.

For the renewable energy sector, Augean is the UK’s market
leader in the treatment of Air Pollution Control residues
(APCr). We arrange the collection of the majority of the
APCr by tanker from Energy from Waste (EfW) and Biomass
plants. Augean optimises haulage logistics by ensuring
back-hauls whereby a tanker delivering lime to the
EfW/Biomass plant, then leaves with a load of APCr. This
reduces cost for our customers, saves road miles and
reduces carbon emissions. Working with Rio, we have been
able to demonstrate the added carbon benefit of achieving
these back-hauls.

An Augean Rio Champion is provided as a contact point
for technical customer support, dealing with potential
issues and feedback, therefore ensuring continuous
improvements for customers.
Engagement has led to more opportunities by partnering
with Rio to provide bolt-on packages for customers
who are interested in focussing on managing their ISO
accreditations and other aspects of their ESG requirements.

Project Highlights

  • Improved dashboards with carbon benefits
    measured from Augean’s logistics and
    treatment processes supporting our
    customers’ ESG reporting requirements
  • Duty of Care information and carbon reporting
  • Accredited e-learning modules
  • Access to library of environmental legislation

Augean has been a great partner for Rio, it’s a pleasure to work with a business that really understands and appreciates the benefits of good quality data and effective governance to drive sustainability improvements.

We started using Rio in 2020, and the traceable reporting is a real asset to our customers who need to demonstrate their sustainability.


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Rio ESG Reporting for Customers

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