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Offshore Containment & Waste Reduction

Augean North Sea Services (ANSS) Offshore Containment & Waste Reduction Services during Offshore P&A Operations

Executive Summary

In 2017, Augean North Sea Services (ANSS) were awarded an 18-month contract to provide Integrated Drilling & Well Abandonment Waste Management services for UKCS operator, Fairfield Energy, during the plugging and abandonment (P&A) of the 16 Osprey and Merlin subsea wells. Fairfield have used ANSS for a number of services during their Dunlin P&A operations and chose to extend upon this, due to our proven track record of success.

Project Scope

ANSS were commissioned to supply the Sedco 712 with
personnel and equipment for:

  • Offshore containment of contaminated
    wellbore wastes
  • Waste volume reduction at rig site
  • NORM monitoring
  • Deep cleaning of mud pits


Augean provided both onshore and offshore filtration
of contaminated seawater and oil based drilling fluids.
Working closely with all parties involved, our experienced
project managers successfully planned and executed
the installation, commissioning, maintenance
and operation of:

  • Multiple twin-pod filtration units
  • A solids control screw conveyor
  • Vacuum and pumping transfer systems
  • Cuttings skips and Tote tanks


Offshore filtration helped to drastically reduce the
offshore waste stream by over 70%. This was beneficial
to the client as it minimised the costs associated with
transporting, processing and disposing of waste onshore.

Fairfield Energy have commended our excellent onshore and offshore services to date. We will continue our
support aboard the rig throughout the second phase of
the project, providing NORM monitoring services for all
tubing and casing pulled.

Project Overview

Project Name: Offshore Containment & Waste Reduction Services

Volume: Variable

Project Scope: Integrated Drilling & Well Abandonment Waste Management Services

Project Achievements:

  • NO accidents, incidents, injuries or lost
    time attributed to our services
  • NO spills, leaks, or uncontrolled
    discharges to sea
  • Filtered over 9500bbls of contaminated
    waste below the environmental
    consent (15ppm) for safe and compliant
    discharge to sea
  • Contained over 3000bbls of crude oil
    contaminated water for processing at
    our Greenbank facility, Aberdeen
  • All sampling and discharging to be
    carried out by 4 multiskilled Augean
    filtration specialists (2 per shift)
  • 24hr NORM monitoring by Radiation
    Protection Supervisor
  • Successfully resourced, planned,
    scheduled and managed the project
    within the critical path.


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Offshore Containment & Waste Reduction

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