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Clearance of chemical manufacturing site

Augean’s Berwick site treated more than 90% of wastes removed during clearance of chemical manufacturing site

Project Overview

The Augean team at Berwick-upon-Tweed was tasked with assessing and removing all hazardous materials from the site before it was listed for sale. We conducted a full technical review of the inventory, determining proper treatment and disposal methods and associated costs for each item.

Our Business Development Manager arrived on the site to collect samples of some of the hard to handle waste streams, which were then sent to our laboratory in Berwick for full analysis. We collaborated with the administrators and owners of the manufacturing company to scope the works and coordinate our chemists and Specialist Industrial Services team to carry out the agreed works.

Before performing the cleaning, the Paisley Industrial Services team emptied several small tanks in the building’s basement. Tank washings were generated, which were collected in drums and transported to Augean’s Berwick treatment facility for treatment
and disposal.

Our onsite chemist listed, segregated and packaged the lab smalls based on their hazards. The site owner requested we work with the local haulier on the island to transport the packaged wastes back to Berwick for treatment and recovery. The bulk copper chloride was removed from the tanks onsite by a glass-lined barrel from our Kirkby team for further recovery and treatment at our Berwick facility.

Our Berwick-upon-Tweed Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility treated more than 90% of the waste streams.

We completed the work within the timeframe specified by utilising our cross-functional teams from Paisley, Berwick and Kirkby.

This was a great example of bringing our resources and teams together for one task. We all worked together to ensure that this project was completed in the time frame that we specified. At the customer’s request, the island’s local transportation company was used and after a full-fledged week, in which we all got our hands dirty, it was a success.

Project Overview

Project Name: Site clearance of manufacturing waste and chemicals

Project Scope: Treatment, Disposal and Specialist Industrial Services

Project Highlights:
  • Augean collected samples to analyse at Augean’s laboratory in Berwick
  • Augean’s Berwick technical team assessed the master list in order to instruct correct segregation and packing instructions for all onsite laboratory chemicals
  • Our most local site, Paisley, provided a chemist who was on-site for four days, segregating and packaging all chemicals ready for transportation
  • Augean’s Specialist Industrial Services team carried out decanting and tank cleaning with treatment and disposal to Augean’s Berwick site
  • Augean’s Berwick site treated >90% of the waste streams


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