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Business Support

The Essington office (approximately 6 miles from Wolverhampton city centre) is home to our people focused on supporting the entire business through a number of various functions:

Business Supply Chain Team

Our Business supply chain team act as the bridge between our operations and sales functions by providing services in the following areas:

  • Business trends and reporting
  • Process Optimisation
  • Project implementation
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Technology assessment and development

Commercial Support – (HiPods business)

  • Dealing with customer enquiries in relation to our HiPod offering
  • Marketing and sales campaigns
  • Providing customer reporting

Executive Support Team

Providing a wide range of day-to-day administrative support for the group directors and our sites across the business

Technical Support

Our Technical Assessment team support the Treatment and Transfer sites across the business providing the following services:

  • Technical assessment of waste enquiries to characterise and apply accurate classification and ensure waste meets current permits, compliance and legislation
  • Identifying and assigning compliant and cost effective treatment/processing routes to waste enquiries
  • Providing technical advice, support and guidance to sites within the organisation and to external customers through our team of qualified chemists and DGSAs
  • Onsite technical chemist support, including the listing, packaging and sampling of waste at customer sites

Technical Systems Team

Weighsoft 5 (WS5) is our computerised waste management system that is utilised at the majority of our sites across the business, with full implementation expected to be in place in 2024. WS5 allows us to run our sites in a compliant and legal manner and manages our day-to-day waste bookings, legal documentation generation, facilitates our sites in tracking our waste movements and provides the necessary functions to allow us to provide compliance and customer reporting.

In addition to this the system is also being developed to incorporate electronic documentation movements and to provide further services such as customer portals, this will help us further reduce the paper burden on the environment and to assist our customers with getting the information for their waste movements more efficiently.

The Weighsoft Support team are responsible for the implementation, development and ongoing system support for our Waste Management Software system, Weighsoft 5, across the business


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