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Leading The Way

The Augean group specialises in handling hard to handle wastes in a safe and compliant manner. Our knowledgeable team possesses the expertise required to handle these wastes, ensuring that they are managed in accordance with environmental, health and safety regulations. We prioritise integrity, ethics, and diversity in our operations.

Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste

The group plays a vital role in defining and implementing hazardous waste regulations and policies, as well as identifying new waste recovery techniques.

This complies with our pledge to apply the waste hierarchy principles to the hazardous sector wherever possible.

We work with government departments, local authorities, and regulators to promote our industry’s image and modernisation, while striving to establish a positive regulatory framework by advocating for policies and regulations that promote the sustainable management of hazardous wastes through recycling, recovery, and safe disposal.

Waste Crime

The waste industry attracts criminals because the chances of getting away with it are so high and the punishments for offences are so weak.

As a business which provides safe and legal routes to waste recovery, recycling and disposal, Augean wants to see criminality in the waste industry eradicated. We are frustrated at the high incidence of illegal waste dumps, illegal waste acceptance by some landfill sites, misclassification of wastes and fly tipping.

We would like to see much more muscular enforcement of existing regulations, and tougher sentencing, to deter and remove rogue operators.

Why landfill is not always a dirty word

To ensure the success of vital infrastructure projects, we must safely and legally dispose of any waste that cannot be reused, recycled, or recovered.

Modern landfills bear little resemblance to the dirty, seagull-infested dumps of yore.

As infrastructure expands, sustainable waste management is crucial. Augean provides a range of engineered disposal sites across the UK to meet the diverse needs of heavy industry and infrastructure. These services include recycling, processing, treatment, and disposal.

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