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Cook’s Hole/Thornhaugh Planning Application

Augean has submitted a planning application to Peterborough City Council proposing to revise the restoration schemes for Cooks Hole Quarry and Thornhaugh Landfill Site.

The proposed restoration scheme would extend the existing wildlife habitats from Thornhaugh to Cooks Hole so that a wider mix of habitats is available across both sites. There is the potential for the restoration to tie in with wider local aspirations for the enhancement of Rockingham Forest, to create green infrastructure links with Bedford Purlieus and for the proposals to contribute to landscape scale recovery.

In order to create the proposed landform at Cooks Hole it will be necessary to import material into the site, however this will comprise only natural materials such as soils and sub-soils which have been extracted as part of the existing landfill construction operations and will be extracted as part of the future construction operations for the landfill at the East Northants Resource Management Facility (ENRMF) in Kings Cliffe and as part of the already consented landfill construction operations at Thornhaugh.  The proposals will facilitate the continued operation of ENRMF which is a nationally significant infrastructure project by utilising the material that arises during the construction of the landfill cells.

Augean has consulted with the community and other stakeholders about the proposed development.  A public exhibition regarding the proposals was held on 25 October 2023 at The Christie Hall, Wansford.

The planning application that has been submitted has been amended where possible to reflect comments and feedback from stakeholders during the consultation process.

Table of comments
A table of the comments and feedback and Augean’s responses can be found here.

The documents that have been prepared to support the planning application can be accessed from this page.

Non-Technical Summary
The Non-Technical Summary is a brief overview of the application in non-technical language.  You can read it here.

Environmental Statement
The Environmental Statement (ES) provides an assessment of the potential impact of the proposals on human health and the environment.  You can read these assessments in full here and access the ES Appendices and Figures here.

Planning Statement
The Planning Statement(PS) reviews the application against the relevant Planning Policies and Strategies and includes an assessment of the need for the development.  A detailed description of the site and the proposed development as well as the Statement of Local Engagement are included in the Planning Statement which you can read here.

You can access the PS Appendices and Figures here.

Peterborough City Council will publicise and consult on the application in the next few weeks as part of the statutory consultation process.  A date for determining the planning application has not been arranged yet.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of the planning application, you can contact us:

Telephone helpline:  01904 373057

If you would like to be updated on the progress of the planning application, please sign up to our Register of Stakeholders.

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